Dr. Wilhene Zwanepoel

MBChB - Aesthetic Physician
(Founder, proud owner and sole director of Captivating Aesthetics Ltd)


Dr Wilhene Zwanepoel


...Because You Are...

It is often in our search for beauty and inner happiness that we come to the realization that  we already  HAVE  that which we are so desperately searching for. It is in this realization that we find our true selves. It is in this realization that we grasp that we are worth taking care of.  It is in this realization that we are most happy and content - when we achieve that "inner being-outer person" harmony. There is no one that will deny that inner happiness spills over in outer beauty.  The most beautiful faces are those who radiate inner peace and fulfillment.  That IS beauty, and beauty does lie in the eye of the beholder. BUT, I am yet to come across an individual who is content; fulfilled… happy and at peace, but does NOT take care of their outer appearance. We all believe in the following statement: inner beauty reflects towards our outside. Why then do we question that it can be the other way around? HOW then CAN we question the counter argument? If we respect our inner selves, does it not make perfect sense that our outward appearance should follow in that principle? I have an unshakeable belief that, if we treat our bodies with respect, and take care of our outer beauty, there is a definite spillover into our "inner-happiness-well”. My aim is not, and will never be, to change you into what you are not: someone else.  My aim is to make you cognizant to the beauty that you already possess; to enable you to rejuvenate your strongest features (that you may have long forgotten about,) and to empower you to preserve your inner-outer beauty.

Restored. Rejuvenated. Reawakened...not recreated.

The  heart  of Captivating Aesthetics Ltd. is to empower our clients to preserve, or restore and preserve their natural features and the balance of their “inner-outer” beauty.

We do this by offering a broad range of services, including facial and body analysis, goal directed skincare advice and rejuvenation with the latest aesthetic treatments and techniques.

... your best you..


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