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A revolutionary, patented injection technique using Dermal Filler to achieve a non-surgical face lift. Natural results leaving your skin looking youthful and replenished.

Why Consider Arquederma?

As we age, our skin loses elasticity due to the breakdown of the dense collagen network in the dermis.  The collagen network is responsible for the support of the skin which in turn gives us a firm, youthful appearance. Collagen is produced by cells called fibroblasts.  These cells become less active during the normal aging process, and consequently the framework of our skin is weakened, leaving us with volume loss and a dull, crepey skin texture. 

Arquederma is a revolutionary, patented injection technique whereby stimulation of collagen formation with the addition of a Dermal Filler provides restoration of the three most important platforms in the prevention of signs of premature aging: Tone, texture and hydration.

Premature aging can be as a result of frequent sun exposure, environmental factors such as smoking, diet and lifestyle, genetics and ethnicity. If you were looking for a way to reverse the hands of time and counteract the visual effects of the aging process, look no further than Arquederma in Grande Prairie.

If you are unfamiliar with this latest restoration lift procedure, Arquederma is an innovative method that uses an arched injection technique with a longer needle than is traditionally used for dermal filler injection. This tool was designed based off of principles found in engineering and physics, in effort to create longer lasting, natural results.

The idea behind the technique is that while injecting, lifting of the skin and soft tissue is done(simultaneously).  This act creates force vectors that keep the tissue lifted and firm. This is a non-surgical methodology and there are several benefits of Arquederma that we will discuss further below.

DO NOTE: Only certified, qualified providers are allowed to perform Arquederma


In essence by using the Arquederma technique at Captivating Aesthetics, natural and more dramatic results can now be achieved other than could previously be achieved by conventional volume replacement using Dermal Fillers. By using Arquederma, Dermal Filler is used as relocation vectors for re-directing soft tissue back into areas of volume loss. This enables us to achieve more natural and longer lasting results using less product.

With Arquederma we are able to achieve naturally youthful results, with the end product being replenished and not overfilled, as many clients fear will happen with volume restoration. Arquederma is a strategic technique whereby using your own volume, redistributing it into target areas, and creating a supportive network in order to lift and keep the tissue in place, the results are truly that of an Artist Restoration Lift, as the name Arquederma implies. 

How Long Does The Results Last?

As we age, some areas of our face seem to loose volume while other areas then become more pronounced. Arquederma is an indispensable tool to naturally replace this volume loss by simply utilizing displaced tissue volume and providing structural support. This enhances your natural beauty and highlights your distinct features

Although this is a non-surgical technique, this is a deep tissue procedure. Arquederma will keep you looking lifted and fresh without the cost or social downtime of a traditional face lift, and because your own tissue is also being utilized for volume replacement, the amount of dermal filler is substantially less compared to traditional techniques. By stimulating collagen formation, permanent structure is created, and the effect of the filler and technique combined has been seen to last as long as 4 years, considerably longer that of pure volume replacement with dermal filler. 

The cost of the procedure will be determined on an individual basis, according to treatment goals and client needs. This will be discussed with you during your consultation.

Treatment and Process:

Treatment duration: 30-90minutes

The actual process of getting Arquederma with Dermal Fillers is a bit more time consuming than conventional Dermal Filler technique.

At Captivating Aesthetics, the first step is to book a consultation with Dr Wilhene Zwanepoel. During this consultation a brief medical and relevant aesthetic history will be taken. You will have the chance to discuss your treatment concerns, your treatment goals, your fears and concerns in regards to the actual treatment itself.

Photographs will be taken, after which there will be a facial assessment and mapping. This process includes evaluating your full facial appearance, areas of asymmetry ( if any), facial movement and skin tone to examine the specific areas of your face that will be augmented.

Your treatment plan will then be discussed.  

Same day treatment is often possible, and is usually discussed at the time of booking the consultation. 

The actual process:

 A topical anaesthetic is applied before the procedure. You will receive very specific guidelines.

Before the injection process, the treatment area will be thoroughly cleaned and prepared. For Arquederma specific treatment zones will be mapped out, the direction of the relocation vectors will also be established and mapped out. Very often additional nerve block ( better known as injectable freezing) will be done in certain facial zones, attempting to make the actual procedure as pain free as possible.  The actual placement of product using the technique takes only a few seconds.

Photographs will be done immediately after the procedure. You will also receive specific after-care directions.

It is very important to note that with this procedure our aim is to activate your body's repair systems in order to increase collagen network formation in the treatment area. As this involved a very specific injection technique, you SHOULD expect bruising and swelling. This will usually settle in 2-3 days, and can easily be covered up with a good foundation.


The cost of the procedure will be determined on an individual basis according to your treatment goals and specific needs.  As everyone has different end goals, every treatment plan differs. This will be thoroughly discussed during your consultation.


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