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HCG Weight Loss Program

Help readjust and reset your bodies metabolism with HCG.  Having been used safely by thousands of men and women around the world for weight loss the HCG diet will help aid your body and adjust it back to normality.

How It Works

HCG is a hormone produced during pregnancy to help the body burn the extra fat cells for energy.  HCG helps the body open fat cell membranes which helps eliminate unwanted fat.  In almost all HCG diets a very small amount of the hormone is actually used, in comparison to the massive amounts released during a pregnancy.  HCG helps the body from feeling week during a very strict diet regiment consisting of a low calorie diet.  

During the process the body learns to reset it's metabolism and helps adjust to a more normal weight which allows you to keep the weight off while moving towards eating healthier throughout your HCG diet.  The diet has been safely used by thousands of men and women in weight loss.


Is It Safe?

The HCG diet is very safe when followed under the guidance of a physician. Through the combination of the right knowledge and a pure HCG product, any individual should feel reassured.  The amount of HCG used for weight loss is a very small fraction of what is naturally released during pregnancy.

How Much Weight Will I Lose?

In most cases the average amount of weight loss ranges from 20-25 pounds.  Every individual is different so results will vary.  The closer you are to your body's ideal weight the slower you will lose weight.  In the slowest scenarios the an individual loses about a 1/2 pound per day.

Can I Eat A Low Calorie Diet And Not Take HCG?

No, HCG provides your body what it needs to prevent it from entering into a "starvation mode". When your body enters this mode it stores fat instead of burning it to help provide reserves through to body and prevent it from starvation.  HCG helps open up your fat storage and ultimately uses the calories from fat to convert it into energy

What Happens After Completion?

Once complete it's important to continue to weight yourself each day.  Individuals completing the HCG diet should maintain their weight from within one to two pounds while avoiding all starches, sugars and fats to begin with.  Over time you can slowly reintroduce them into your diet as long as you continue to maintain your weight.  A healthy balanced diet will help you reach and sustain your new weight.

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