Surprising Uses For Botox

Botox, a chemical toxin is medically known as Botulinum and can be a serious illness that can be associated with food poisoning. It’s true that without proper administration or use it can result in muscle paralysis or even fatal. It typically works by stopping the release of acetylcholine into the human body. This works by making the muscle become less able to contract and ultimately will tighten before beginning to relax. By blocking nerve signals it will force the muscle into a weaker state.

Despite the potential to provide some harmful effects thousands of doctors have been using it to treat health problems and for cosmetic purposes. By injecting Botox into muscles in small amounts it helps allow the doctors to control how your muscles operate which can fix cosmetic things like wrinkles, fine lines and creases. Little known facts though have been surfacing about all the uses that Botox provides but are lesser known.

Here are some facts on what Botox can do and some of the more surprising things it can help with.

Botox Can Help Fix Chronic Migraines

If you’ve ever suffered from a migraine you know how debilitating it can be. Migraines almost always get worse with physical activity and usually require those suffering from it to put themselves in a dark room as they can be sensitive to light and sounds. Most migraine treatments involve medications that may only be partly effective and possibly serious side effects.

Recently though medical studies have been shown that using Botox can help limit headaches and help provide relief. With minimal side effects Botox has been well tolerated from patients and it has been offering a viable solution to those who have no other options or their medical treatments aren’t effective. Researchers are optimistic that in the future Botox could be a serious solution for helping cure chronic migraines. We here at Captivating Aesthetics are happy to provide Botox options for headaches after booking a consultation with Dr. Zwanepoel.

Reducing chronic Pain

Chronic pain is a condition that thousands of people suffer from and can be incredibly difficult to treat. People suffering through chronic pain often have tough lives due to the limiting ability to get their body to function but also having to deal with the multiple medications used to treat it. A small sample size from researchers has shown that Botox may in fact help reduce chronic pain.

In studies researchers have tested Botox on nerve and inflammatory pain. After receiving the injections lab mice were less sensitive to pain for up to three weeks at a time. While clinical trials are needed to determine how this would work on humans it’s important to understand that this helps provide solutions for ways to helping develop new therapies.

Reliving Jaw Pain

TMJ is a problem that troubles more people every day. TMJ is typically a problem you’ll find when talking to dentists but TMJ are joints located on each side of the jaw. These joints slide in various directions and are used for common day to day life functions like chewing, talking and your basic facial expressions.

Researchers have been show by using Botox they’ve been able to help relieve TMJ disorder and have found it it to be both safe and super effective. While visiting your dentist might be the first step it’s been advised that using Botox can help patients respond if other treatments are no longer working.

Still, further clinical trials will be needed but it looks like solving TMJ issues with Botox isn’t far on the horizon.

What type of treatments would you like to see Botox fix in the future?

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