What Is Botox?

Created from Botulinum Toxin Type A, Botox was created and became a brand name for what ultimately ended up being a purified and diluted substance typically used in medical and cosmetic treatments. If you’ve heard of Botox you ultimately know that it’s primarily used to treat aging and remove wrinkles.

One of the most asked questions with anyone looking into Botox is “Will It Work?”. It’s a valid question and more often then not people researching are led to receive false information due to all the rumours and stories that have been put out on the internet.

One of those fears is ending up with a “face freeze” which probably resulted from seeing to much false media in the tabloids.

Still it’s important to take your time and ask the right questions to a licensed Botox doctor. While most people will seek out treatments for wrinkles between the eyebrows you can also use to limit forehead creases, dreaded crow’s feet and other wrinkles you’ll typically find on your face.

What Happens When I Inject Botox?

SO what exactly happens when you inject Botox? Typically it will spread about 1cm from where it was injected. Due to the injection being small there is little chance for anything negative to happen. The protein from the Botox injection is then absorbed by the nerves in the area and over the course of the next few minutes the Botox will attach to another protein and dissolve. During this process ironically enough the Botox itself will dissolve…so the Botox is gone from your body.

Other uses for Botox?

Most people seek out Botox for a cosmetic improvement to help them with the human agin process but over the past years there have been some incredible medical advancements with Botox. One such is the use of it to help treat individuals who suffer from migraine headaches. Botox has been known to help improve and solve headaches the are chronically dehabilitating for certain individuals.

It was first discovered purely by accident. Patients who were seeking cosmetic surgeries of Botox told there physicians that the use of Botox had also helped relieve their migraine symptoms. From that point on numerous studies have been done over the past 10 years to provide evidence that chronic migraines and bad tension headaches may respond to Botox.

SO Is Botox For You?

Truth be told Botox isn’t for everyone. In today’s beauty treatments there are multiple options and solutions to help with the aging process. While Botox is a big part of the solution there are new and improved treatments for other areas that will help. The best solution is to talk to a licensed professional who can provide the right treatment advice moving forward. We at Captivating Aesthetics take great pride to ensure we provide the best help possible and will provide the right options for your skin care needs.

Start today with a consultation with our doctor to learn how we can fix whatever ails you and help you feel captivating once again!

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