Why Is Botox So Popular In Grande Prairie?

The increasing spread of Botox to millennial’s is growing every month and now it’s made it’s way to Grande Prairie. But truth be told a lot of people aren’t flocking to use Botox because they want to look younger, in fact most people are opting to invest in Botox because they want to prevent the future formation of wrinkles.

Years ago a younger generation of people looked at Botox as something there grandmothers would use. But having educated and learnt more about the effects of Botox and how it can help erase fine wrinkles as well as prevent them from happening were starting to see more and more younger people visit popular Botox clinics in Grande Prairie.

When people think wrinkles they’re undoubtedly going to associate that with old people but as our day to day lives get busier and busier we’re starting to see patients in there late 20’s and early 30’s struggling with fine lines and wrinkles from things like stress and other natural causes. Today, more then ever young people are aware of what’s available to them and they want to look young forever which is why so many young adults have started preventative maintenance with Botox.

The somewhat percentages still see age groups from 40-50 as the primary users (and multi uses) with about 1.2 million injections per year (about 18%) but there’s been a steady increase in teenagers and millennial’s year to year using Botox.

But What About Botox Use In Grande Prairie?

The availability of Botox in Grande Prairie is still relatively new to most people. Despite the rapid growth in population the city has just now started to see multiple skin care and dermatology clinics arrive offering proper medical Botox. At Captivating Aesthetics we’ve been in business for a few years but in the past year alone we’ve seen a steady incline in our clients every month as more and more residents of Grande Prairie and the surrounding area become familiar with what we offer and what’s available to them.

Especially now considering that Botox has been linked to helping with other conditions like Migraines more and more people are looking towards cosmetic surgeries to improve there day to day life.

Botox will help prevent deeper wrinkles from forming and it’s why we’re seeing younger people start to receive treatment at an earlier age. The theory behind this is that between the ages 0 to 20 our skin starts to thicken and continues to as we grow thanks in large part to collagen. From the ages 20 to 30 that production begins to decline and our skin hits a holding pattern. It’s not uncommon between this age to see some wrinkles form. Some people may naturally have a strong frown to their appearance which is where Botox can help soften and smooth their expressions.

There’s no doubt in this day and age that with the advancement in medicine and research younger people are wanting to look younger and feel more comfortable, a big part of the reason why Botox is seeing such huge popularity.

There’s no cure for the aging process, that much is a given but if you use Botox for 20 years and stop at age 50 chances are you’ll start to get wrinkles…but they’ll definitely be set back compared to someone who hasn’t used it at all.

Today more then ever Grande Prairie residents are looking towards Botox as just another step in the self care regime. If you’d like to know more about it then feel free to visit our office or contact us through our website. We have multiple options for the city of Grande Prairie and provide one of the most extensive line of products and treatments available within the city.

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